Upon Reflection

When I was a child I used to wonder where I was headed in life — would I please my parents and become a teacher,  or would I become a pianist, which I believed at one point in my young life was my goal — or a writer, which became my dream as a teenager, or perhaps something else?  Well, perhaps the answer is all of the above. 

I was a foreign language teacher for 11 years.  While a freshman at the High School of Music and Art in New York City I realized almost immediately that while my musical talent might have seemed great in my local community, in the midst of really talented artists at a high school filled with incredibly accomplished musicians, being a professional pianist was definitely not realistic on my part.  However, I still love music and enjoy playing the piano, albeit not as often or as well as I played way back when I was practicing several hours a day. 

“Something else”?   For the most part, my life has been filled with “something else.”  I was President of a successful court reporting business for 28 years and now I’m running a website (www.TOS50.com), where I have ample opportunity to fulfill my desire to write.  As a child, the notion of a website was not anywhere within my vocabulary or imagination, how could it be?

Perhaps, in looking back,  the best advice I can pass on to my children and now my grandchildren is to always be prepared for “something else.”  Be flexible and open to new ideas.   The only thing we can count on is the here and now — that’s tangible.  We learn from the past and make plans for the future.  Don’t be afraid to shake things up, to change.  Change can be a bit daunting, but it’s good, it brings excitement into our lives.

I’ve changed many things on the website since launching www.TOS50.com two-and-a-half years ago.  I’ve added a retail store to try and cover expenses.  I’ve learned what people were really interested in, which was quite different from what I thought viewers would be interested in at inception.  For example, the book club which I thought would be an adjunct to other things, actually gets more hits than any of the other sections — including healthcare, food and nutrition, art and entertainment, etc.  our “Senior Book Club” is Number  One on Google (http://tos50.com/sections/book-club-0).  Life is filled with surprises.    

The TOS50 E-Store is filled with new items at great prices.  I hope you’ll have an opportunity to browse through the store and check out our new handbags, scarves, jewelry and other items that are being offered:  http://tos50.myshopify.com/.

I’m not certain what the future holds for me, but hopefully I will be ready to accept whatever change life brings my way.


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