Mother’s Day is Almost Here

I have been so busy running the TOS50 website that I have sadly neglected this blog.  However, with Mother’s Day upon us, I wanted to give a shout out to my own mother and thank her once again for imbuing me with her personal spirit and idealism that has allowed me to continue to follow my own dreams.

My mom passed away on January 8, 1991, a long time ago, but she’s never left me.  Somehow, as time goes on, I think of her more, not less.  I was fortunate to have a mother who was ambitious for me and who had a vision of what I could and should do with my life that was well beyond other women of her generation.  Her own enthusiasm and personal drive, her optimism and vision is what has inspired me to continue to challenge myself. 

As mothers, we love our children and we try to do our best for them.  Time passes by too quickly and eventually we’re able to look back, see the people they have become and wonder if we should have done some things differently.  However, without a crystal ball none of us know what the future will bring.  My own children have grown into sensitive, caring people and if only for that reason, I know that my own mother is somewhere smiling down on them, proud, as she should be, of her own legacy. 

I wish all the mothers I know a very Happy Mothers’ Day — and even if it is a made-up holiday to allow retailers to earn some bucks, that’s OK, it’s still nice to be recognized for our efforts.

The TOS50 E-store has some wonderful Mother’s Day gifts available at great prices.  Visit  us, see what we’re offering and be sure to wish your own Mom a Happy Mother’s Day:

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