As Time Goes By

I have been interviewed on radio several times on behalf of, however, this past week I was interviewed on local television in New York for the very first time.  I spoke with Bonnie D. Graham and her mom, Ruth Dolgow, on their “Senior Moments:  The Happy Ones” program.  Jenine called into the show and we had an enjoyable conversation, which you can see for yourself at:,  Of course, the one thing that always surprises me when I see myself in photos or videos is what I look like.  Somehow, I always expect that the person I was, probably 30 years ago, to appear, but not surprisingly, that doesn’t happen and I am disappointed.  However, time marches on and so must we all.

Can you believe this weather?  Not even November yet and we have snow.  This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the winter (ugh).

We posted two separate interviews with former New York City Mayor Ed Koch on the website this past week.  In the first interview the Mayor speaks with David Schwartz about President Obama and Israel,; in the second interview he talks about his accomplishments and his legacy,  I think he’s definitely more relaxed in the second interview, but let me know what you think.

The holidays are approaching and we will soon be posting some new merchandise in our e-store; I am searching for great holiday gifts.   However, I just want to mention that our lite-up reading glasses and our sterling silver Mother-Earth Charm Bracelet make wonderful presents — along with our Mrs. Pinkelmyer doll, who is loved by children and grandmothers alike.  Shop now at

Have a great week.

Sandy Tankoos, President and Founder


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