The New Reality

In our day, many of us who consider ourselves the Baby-Boomer generation and older, as a group, didn’t hesitate to grab a picket and be hauled off to jail standing up for what we believed in — but we had opportunity laid out in front of us and I think that we all understood that once we won our battles, we could walk back into reality and our lives could and would continue  — but because we knew that opportunity in America wasn’t equal for all people, some of us also marched in Selma or marched in Washington, and worked toward a goal of having the United States really become a land of opportunity for all Americans.

Today, much of what we fought for has  become reality.  Our universities no longer have quotas (or at least they say they don’t), African Americans and Hispanics are our neighbors and hopefully our friends — and most certainly they are our colleagues in the working world; nevertheless, many people believe it is necessary to fight for equality once again — equality between the working class (when they’re fortunate enough to have a job) and those who have much more than they need. 

I certainly don’t mean to sound like a socialist, although I admit to coming from socialist roots on my dad’s side of the family; however, I am definitely a capitalist.  I believe that if someone is smart enough to move ahead in business or build their own business that earns them a great deal of money, those people are entitled to that money and all of the luxuries that come with it — but it’s not fair that those who earn a lot of money pay a considerably lower tax rate than citizens who are not at that same income level.  Consequently, I fail to understand why they can’t agree on that in Congress or why it’s even necessary for people to be picketing on Wall Street for equality at this point — albeit the equality they are fighting for is of a different nature, and it’s a sad situation.

I understand the argument that it’s the rich and successful who create jobs and therefore should be given these tax “breaks” as an incentive for them to keep investing in America’s future, but apparently it’s not working and they are not investing.  The banks were bailed out and now are sitting on their money while the average working person is paying the bill for the bailout.  Somehow that doesn’t seem fair.  Before President Clinton left office those now getting these tax breaks were paying their fair share and they were investing in America’s future as well.  Why are they now considered an entitled class?  We are sending jobs overseas because big business has learned that it’s financially advantageous for them to do that — but would we really want our working class American citizens to be living in hovels or working 15 hours a day under the same conditions that we are supporting in the third-world countries that we’re sending our jobs to?  In some cases we are sending jobs to countries that use and abuse children in factories to do this work.  Yes, it costs more at times to manufacture products here at home, but don’t we all have an obligation to respect our own citizens and allow them to earn a livable wage so they can support their families, continue to build America and live the American dream?  I believe that if you are earning money in America, it’s your duty to support other Americans who live here and use your products.

Those picketing on Wall Street and other places around the country have my sympathy.  I’m past the point in life of wanting to get arrested to make a point, but I understand what they are doing and where they are coming from.  Let’s hope that those who are in a position to make a difference are also listening.

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Have a great week.

Sandy Tankoos, President and Founder


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