Counting Our Blessings

We own a vacation home upstate New York.  My daughter and her family visited us this weekend and spent some quality time skiing, sledding, and testing themselves against the elements.  I, myself, don’t step out of the house in 5 degree weather, which is what it was.  Since I used to do all those activities, I presume that once upon a time, before I passed retirement age, I did venture into the great outdoors no matter what the weather conditions were.  While my family was skiing, I was reading a book in my warm house, in front of a blazing wood stove.  My husband spent the time enjoying several sports events on TV.

In the evening, while we were all watching the crises unfold throughout the Middle East on the various news channels, as corny as this might sound, we couldn’t help but count our blessings and be delighted with the fact that we are all lucky enough to have been born in the United States of America.  Oh, sure, I sign petitions and I complain about various issues, as most of us do — especially over the last few years when the economy has been so difficult — nevertheless, we are fortunate to have the freedoms that we have and the possibilities for the future that our children and grandchildren all have.  None of us should take that for granted.

Right now on we are featuring an interview with Harriet McDougal, widow of fantasy writer Robert Jordan.  I found myself sitting next to her at the Amyloidosis Fundraiser (a video also visible in the Volunteer section of and asked if I could intrview her on the spur of the moment.  In addition to being his wife, Harriet McDougal was Robert Jordan’s editor.  Go to the interview to find out how his Wheel of Time series is being completed:

Check out the products for sale in our E-store, at  The scarfs have been selling nicely here in the north — we need them to combat the weather this winter.  Ugh!

Have a great week.

Sandy Tankoos, President and Founder


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