I’m a Prisoner of the Flu

I know the weather continued to be terrible this week, but I, alas, had no part of it — I am going into my third week of influenza — and I did have a flu shot, imagine if I didn’t!  Consequently, I have been in the house for many days now.  Today is the first day I’ve been able to be out of bed for most of the day without needing to sleep.  I am still coughing and my sinuses are still making themselves known, but I do believe that I’m finally on the way to recovery. 

Of course, being in bed most of the time I have been watching more TV than I normally do.  Perhaps it’s a sign of my age, but I find that I prefer the reruns of old programs to many of the newer shows I’ve tried to get into.  Reality TV is certainly not something I understand at all.  It’s so completely boring, I can’t imagine who’s watching it, but obviously I’m not with the majority opinion.  I did get quite involved in what was happening in the Middle East.  Along with almost everyone else, I pray that a militant regime does not take over in Egypt.  The Egyptian people deserve better than that.  I hope they don’t get blind sided while a new government takes shape.

The Greening and Gardening section of the TOS50 website is being featured this week on our website.  At the moment you can see a really interesting video from The Enchanted Forest.  Did you know that the scrub habitat that many of the animals hide in gets too tall for them, and that it is necesssary to set the land on fire in order to bring it down to size?  Green Jenine interviews Xavier de Seguin des Hons, a Land Manager in this video.  This is the fifth video in a series that Jenine filmed on the Space Coast in Florida.

The E-store found at www.tos50.myshopify.com continues to sell some great items for Valentine’s Day.  Stop by and take a look at our charm bracelet and other jewelry, along with gift baskets and scarves.

Have a great week.

Sandy Tankoos, President and Founder



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