Whatever Happened to Climate Warming?

It is very cold outside today, as it was yesterday, and as apparently it will be tomorrow — it’s days like this that I start thinking about moving to a warmer climate.  I do think about moving, but I doubt that I  ever will because, as corny as it may sound, “I love New York. ” The Big Apple’s slogan was made for me.  I could do a commercial for Mayor Mike or, even better, my own suburb of Nassau County in Long Island.  Less than a half hour from Manhattan, I can hop on the Long Island Rail Road and see a Broadway show anytime I choose — if I’m broke, I can buy tickets to an off Broadway show or a local theater company (as I did last weekend); if I get hungry and want an exotic meal at 3:00 a.m., there are restaurants open to accommodate me, and living in Nassau County, I can enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle while enjoying the excitement of New York City.  Also, even more important for me, is that New York is where my memories are.  This is where I grew up, went to school, got married and raised my children.  My friends are here and I can’t imagine anywhere else feeling like home.  However, there is no reason why I can’t plan a vacation to a warmer climate and I intend to do that right now!  Our climate may be warming, but on our side of the equator, the frigid air is holding its own.

As I’ve mentioned several times on the www.TOS50.com website, I am one of many grandparents with an autistic grandchild.  My family’s situation is a little unusual inasmuch as my autistic grandchild is an identical twin, and her twin sister is not autistic.  Today, on the www.TOS50.com website, I have posted an interview I did with Judy Greenberg.  Judy also has an autistic granddaughter and, being an activist, Judy runs GASAK (Grandparent Advocates Supporting Autistic Kids).  In this interview Judy shares some of what she has learned from working with other grandparents of autistic children, as well as working with and loving her own grandchild.

Later in the week on the TOS50 website we will be sharing great recipes for a very cold day, and hopefully some beauty tips.  While you’re on the site, please visit our retail store.  Among the great items in our store, we are featuring reading glasses that have small LED lights built in to help you see the menu in dark restaurants or to read in bed while your partner is trying to sleep.  Also being featured in our store is a colorful scarf designed by GASAK.  Purchasing the scarf will help GASAK in their efforts to educate and support families of autistic children.   Check out the reading glasses at:  http://tos50.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/lite-up-readers-1

Have a great week, and for those of you living in a warmer climate — I’ll be visiting soon.

Sandy Tankoos, President and Founder



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2 Responses to Whatever Happened to Climate Warming?

  1. Larry Kaufman says:

    Have you read the recently published book by Allen Shawn (son of the famed New Yorker editor) about his twin sister, who was institutionalized at a young age because of her autism? (I haven’t read the book, but have read a few reviews.) Our society appears to have come a long way in its understanding and acceptance of people with autism, and you are to be commended for helping propel this.

  2. Sandy says:

    Hi Larry,

    No, I haven’t read that book, although I’ve read many others. I will add it to my long list of books to read. I have a wonderful granddaughter who is autistic and we do everything we can to help her adjust to the world and have the world adjust to her. She has an identical twin sister who is not autistic and who is very loving and helpful, as are her parents and her aunts, uncles and cousins.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


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